Updated 06/06/2022

While our software will work with any printer that will work with your computer, our support team is trained and ready to support the specific printers on this list.

Desktop Printers (for black and white labels)

We support and recommend:

Zebra ZD 410, 2” wide 

  • This is our most highly recommended printer, it's got some great new features and fits well with most of our customer's needs.

  • It is Direct Thermal only and is available in either 203 or 300 DPI

  • It prints 6 IPS on 203, 4 IPS on 300 DPI

  • The 300 DPI model offers an ethernet connection option

  • Available from Zebra or 3rd party sellers online

  • Read more about this printer here

  • Get drivers and support from Zebra

Zebra ZD 500, 4” wide

Color Printers (for branded labels)

For branded labels, higher print quality is often desired. Inkjet tends to offer great resolution while being less expensive and easier to use than other full-color printing technologies. 

We support and recommend:

ColorWorks C7500 Inkjet Label Printer

Key factors to consider when choosing a printer model:

  • Standard printers come in 2 resolution options: 203 or 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). We recommend 300 DPI for better quality and scanning.

  • Connection? Most printers come with a USB connection. If you want to print on the shop floor then we recommend the ethernet version, which costs a little more but is much more flexible.

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