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Wholesale: Assign a Salesperson to a Vendor
Wholesale: Assign a Salesperson to a Vendor

Learn how to automatically assign sales users to orders for specific vendors in your GrowFlow Wholesale account

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Updated 10/20/22

Assigning a salesperson to Vendors in your account dedicates that salesperson to a particular buyer so new orders are automatically assigned to them. Additionally, this allows your customers to view and gather the right contact information when buying through your store in the LIVE Marketplace.

Before we begin, ensure the salesperson is set up as a user in your GrowFlow account under Account Settings > Manage Users.

1. Click on Vendors in the navigation bar of your account

2. Use the search bar or Filter by License Type to search for the Vendor

3. Once the Vendor is located, click Edit

4. Select the salesperson from the Sales User drop-down

5. Click Save

Now, when a buyer with an assigned salesperson is logged in and viewing your LIVE Marketplace store, the assigned salesperson's contact information will appear. If no salesperson is assigned, it will default to the main contact for the account. New orders placed will also generate with the salesperson's name assigned on the order.

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