Updated 2/19/21

Dedicate a salesperson to a particular buyer so orders are automatically assigned to them, and so your customers can have the right contact info when buying through the store.

Before we begin, make sure the salesperson is set up with a GrowFlow account - they must be a GrowFlow user under Account Settings → Manage Users

This process begins on the “Vendors” page in your GrowFlow account.

You can search for the Vendor by typing in the Vendor’s name in the “Search Vendors” field or you can filter by license type.

Once you have found the vendor you’re adding a salesperson to, click the “Edit” button.

Select a salesperson from the dropdown and click “Save”

Pro-tip: Remember, if you do not see the salesperson you are attempting to add to the Vendor, they might need a user set up on the account.

Now that vendor has a dedicated salesperson. When a buyer is logged in and viewing the store, the specific salesperson’s contact info will appear. But, if no salesperson is assigned, it will default to the main contact for the account. New orders placed will also generate the salesperson’s name on the order.

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