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WA Standalone: Sniff Jars

AKA Sample Jars - How to create Sniff Jars and add them to a Retail order.

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Updated 03/24/2022

Sniff Jars are handled a bit differently and must not be tagged as vendor or educational samples!


A. Head to Admin > Products > Templates and click "+Add New Templates"

  • Note: Using a Product Template will make this product available for any strain of Flower Lot in the future. If you prefer, you can create a strain-specific product.

B. In the Template Creator:

  1. Traceability Type: Sample Jar / 'Sniff' Jar

  2. "Use Category" to name the product

  3. Enter the size

    • Note: Max Weight = 3.5g

    • Optional: Click "Add Size" if you are creating multiple sized jars

  4. Finish by clicking "Create Product Template"

C. With the Sniff Jar Product Template(s) now created - we can add Sniff Jars to any Retail order from Flower Lots, just like any other product. Let's take a look!

  1. When adding items to an order, locate the Flower Lot(s)

  2. Click the "+" sign in the "Products" column on the Flower Lots line item

  3. Locate the Sniff Jar Product Template

  4. Enter the Quantity

  5. Preview > Confirm Order and proceed with the order process as usual!

  • Note: This is not considered a sample. Do not flag as a vendor or educational sample!

Well Done!

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