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WA Standalone: Missing or Incorrect Vendor Information
WA Standalone: Missing or Incorrect Vendor Information

GrowFlow's Vendor Database should match what the LCB has for licensees - Here's what to do in case you find a discrepancy.

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Updated as of 03/22/2022

Can't find a vendor or see something in GrowFlow that looks off? License numbers and UBIs change with a change in ownership or location (only UBIs change if just location). In the rare chance our Vendor Database is incorrect, please follow the below steps to verify the most up-to-date information with the Washington State Database to ensure we get the right info for your transactions.

Step 1: Click the LCB link below

Step 2: Click on 'Business Lookup'

Step 3: Search for the licensee

  • For best results search by license number or UBI

    • Try business name last

  • Optional: Under Endorsement type > Select Marijuana Licenses

    • Narrow your search by selecting the Marijuana License type

  • Click the checkbox for the reCAPTCHA

  • See and verify the results once you click Search

The above search will take you to this page, where you can verify the full 16-digit UBI is correct.

16-Digit UBI format:

  • 9-Digit UBI + Business ID + Location ID

    • Ex: 6040327940010001

If something is not right on there, the license holder should contact the LCB to help get it straightened out.

Step 4: Report the update

Contact GrowFlow Support in the chatbox and we will update our records to match!

Thanks, team!

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