Can't find a vendor or seeing something in GrowFlow that looks off? Licenses and UBI change with a change in ownership or location (only UBI changes if just location). Unfortunately, we cannot trust Vendor Syncs to LEAF to pull in the correct information, so please follow the below steps to verify the most up to date information with the state database to ensure we get the right info for your transactions.

Step 1: Go to the LCB link below

Step 2: Click on 'Business Lookup'

Step 3: Search by license number or UBI (try business name last)

The above search will take you to this page, where you can verify the full 16-digit UBI is correct (those last -00X and -000X are important!) 

If something is not right on there, the license holder should contact the LCB to help get it straightened out.

Step 4: Report the update

Contact GrowFlow Support in the chat box and we will update our records to match! Please keep in mind this update requires a web developer to do and may take some time.

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