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WA Standalone: Taxes and Tax Reports for Producers & Processors
WA Standalone: Taxes and Tax Reports for Producers & Processors

Monthly tax reports are automatically reported to the LCB but you still have to submit your monthly B&O taxes to the DOR

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Updated 12/20/2021

Business and occupation (B&O) tax

Review with your accountant what you must report and how to use the wholesaling and manufacturing classifications, as well as application of the Multiple Activities Tax Credit (MATC).

Here's how to find your net sales revenue for any calendar month:

  1. First check your "In Transit" column on the Orders Overview to be sure that you have imported any rejected items back into your inventory for orders transferred during the tax month - doing this will ensure that your gross sales total is correct

  2. Go to your Dashboard menu and select "Reports"

  3. Click on the "Taxes" tab

  4. GrowFlow shows you your "Gross Sales" per month according to the date of the transfer

  5. Any inbound items you marked as "Returns" in inbound orders during the period will be deducted as "Return Sales" from your gross revenue to calculate your net "Total Sales"

  6. Report your net "Total Sales" figure to the Department of Revenue (DOR)

You can click the "Print" button for the month for your own records. You do not need to submit the PDF file to the DOR. Just enter the figure on the form you use when filing your B&O taxes. The PDF file can be a backup document or something you send to your accountant.


  1. If the amount of "Return Sales" in your "Taxes" report looks low, check your inbound orders to be sure you marked returns correctly. You can edit an inbound order if you need to correct the return designation any time after importing - do that from the "Inbound Orders" screen. For details, see our help article about accepting inbound orders.

  2. Don't use the "Sales History" report in your "Orders" menu for tax reporting purposes because totals on that screen:

    • are net of any cash credits you entered into the "Return Value" field on invoices, and

    • include pending orders that have not yet been put into transit

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