Updated 04/20/2022

To get started, head to your Grow Overview and click "New" at the top of the Clones, Seeds column, most-left of the page.

When harvesting seeds, you'll need to enter them based upon which Vegging or Flowering plant they came from in the Create Plant Starters module.

1. Click "Seeds"

2. In standard GrowFlow fashion, scan the barcodes or use Filters to locate the specific Mother plants or even just the strain of plants the seeds came from

3. Enter the quantity of harvested seeds in the "#New" column

4. If you do not have the strain of these seeds currently in Veg or Flowering, no worries! You can enter the seed quantity from any other plant because you have the option to assign a different strain by typing in the strain name in the "Choose a new strain" field

5. Select a room to store these seeds in if the preferred room is not by default

6. Finish by clicking "Create New Seeds"

A dialogue will then appear confirming the creation as well as providing the ability to print and tag your package(s) of seeds immediately from here.

Your seeds will now live in your Seed Bank of the Clones, Seeds column of the Grow Overview and can also be found on the Inventory Overview in the Plants tab.


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