Updated 04/20/2022

Wet Flower and Wet Other Material are tracked in traceability as inventory, so let's get started on the Inventory Overview!

1. Use "Filter by Type" to filter by Wet Flower or Wet Other Material

2. Select the item by checking the box to the right of its line item

  • Note: You can select and cure multiple items at a time

3. Click the blue "Other" button, then click "Cure Wet Flower

5. In the Cure Drying Plants dialogue, no matter the current traceability type, aka Wet Flower or Wet Other Material, you will now have the option to enter the dry packaged weight as Flower, Other Material, and Waste depending on what you've yielded.

  • Note: Double-check the remaining weight column as it will interactively calculate based on the quantities entered. Remaining weight here will also account for moisture loss", otherwise known as "Angel Weight".

  • Note: Double-check that you've selected each item that you are curing.

6. Click "Cure Items"

The dialog will close and your new inventory will be updated on the Inventory Overview and the Waste will be found in the "Waste" module before you fully dispose of it.

Lastly, print your barcodes or go straight to converting your bulk inventory into lots.

Fantastic job!

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