To create a discount, open the order details page and click on the invoice tab.

There are two options for creating a discount

  1. On a per item basis

  2. On the whole order, % based

To set discount on a line item, click the edit icon in the Total column.

You can set a % discount, or manually enter in your discounts.  You can update the original price, sale price or discount and all numbers will update accordingly for you.

Unit prices are on the left, and totals are on the right.

  1. Apply Discount percentage

  2. Original Price

  3. Sale unit price - this gets sent to traceability

  4. Discount = original - sale price

To set a discount on an entire order, ex) giving 10% on all items, use the edit icon in the "Savings" row

  1. You can quickly apply a % discount

  2. This is the new total

  3. The Total discount

  4. The calculated discount in percent

After applying a discount, your invoice will look like this, with discounts shown in red

Note: When using 'discounts' the post-discounted amount is what's used when reporting your revenue and the LCB (Don't pay taxes on what you don't receive).

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