Our site allows input from scanners.  

In order for this to work, you need to set your scanner into "carriage return" mode, so that after the scanner input is read, a return key is hit (like hitting [ENTER} on your keyboard.)  

Not sure what 'mode' your scanner is currently in? 

Try opening a basic text program like 'NotePad' or 'TextEdit' and then scan some plant tags or inventory stickers. Hopefully, you'll see something like this: 

Changing the 'mode' of the scanner is really easy!

Just google the name of the scanner manufacturer and the model and find a phone number for their tech support. Call them and say you need to put your scanner into 'Carriage Return mode'. 

Sometimes you can find a barcode on google, that you scan right from your scanner, which will fix your scanner by switching it into the 'carriage return mode'.

Other tips: make sure the "cursor" or "focus" is inside the search input. The scanner should work exactly like a "keyboard", it sends the barcode numbers to the screen in the same way.

Still need help?  Hit us up on chat and let us know what scanner you have.

Thanks and have fun!

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