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Metrc: Using the GrowFlow Chrome Extension for Non-QA Transfers
Metrc: Using the GrowFlow Chrome Extension for Non-QA Transfers

Install and use this browser extension to directly populate GrowFlow transfers as Metrc Transfers, thereby bypassing issues with templates

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Updated 9/29/2022

For transfers other than sending samples to labs, the GrowFlow Chrome Extension lets you directly populate GrowFlow transfers as Metrc Transfers. This eliminates the current issue with transfer templates. You can still work with the templates and choose not to use this option, but if you want to use this, here's how.

Installing the Extension

You only need to do this part once.

1. Prior to starting, download the GrowFlow Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store

  • Note: If you already installed this extension a few years ago, remove it and get the new version of our extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Once installed, the extension can be accessed by clicking on its icon next to the address bar in your Chrome browser. Click the extension icon, then click the Pin icon to pin it to your browser so it always appears to the right of your address bar.

Pinning the Extension:

Here's where you'll see the extension on your browser tab:

Using the Extension

1. Click on the extension icon to open it

2. Make sure you are logged into GrowFlow. You'll see this:

3. Click Profile Page

4. Select Production for the Environment

5. Select your state for the Jurisdiction

6. Click on License and it should display your available license(s) for selection

7. Save the settings on the Profile page

Create your Sales Order in GrowFlow

Once you have filled in the manifest details in GrowFlow, you can click on the GrowFlow Chrome Extension tool and ignore the template that GrowFlow has sent to your Metrc account. No need to click the Take Me There button!

1. You should see that everything is synced:

2. Select Pending Outgoing Orders

3. Find the order you wish to generate a manifest for and click the green Fill area:

4. Metrc will launch, open up a new transfer, and then populate it with most of the order details filled in

5. Review all transfer details before registering the transfer

  • Note: You might need to enter a phone number for your operation

6. Select Register Transfer

7. Back in GrowFlow, press the Register Complete button in the order

8. The transfer will be synced with the Sales Order and the manifest details will populate in Metrc

  • Note: The transfer template will still be available in Metrc; You can delete it from Transfers > Templates or ignore it.

Continue in GrowFlow as normal!

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