As of August 18th, 2022, we have released some new navigational features that have changed where existing components are currently located within the GrowFlow Retail POS.

As we add and enhance features to better centrally manage Products, Product Categories, Pricing Groups, Brands, Strains, Suppliers, and Discounts, we also needed to revamp our user interface to facilitate those new features. You will now be able to manage many aspects of your multi-store operation from a centralized location.

With this in mind, GrowFlow has added a new tab on the left of the page for Organization Settings.

The Store Settings icon has also been visually updated. It will be in the same place, but now has a little house over the gear for the icon.

The Vehicles tab has been moved from Store Settings to Organization Settings. Currently, Discounts and Loyalty remain under Store Settings but will move to Organizational Settings as we continue to improve GrowFlow.

We will be updating our existing help documentation to reflect these visual changes.

Permissions for Organizational Settings

Since Organization Settings is now its own subsection, users will need to have the correct permissions on their user profile to access the options that will be located on the Organization Settings page.

The Organization Settings icon will appear for users with the following permissions:

  • Org Admins

  • Admins

PLEASE NOTE: Users with custom permissions will only have access to those areas granted by their specific permission(s). For example, if a user has custom permissions to Add/Edit Suppliers, they will have access to the Suppliers tab within Organization Settings.

What Has Changed in the User Interface

Single License (One Store)

For organizations with a single store, the following tabs have been moved to Organization Settings:

  • Product Categories

  • Pricing Groups

  • Brands

  • Strains

  • Suppliers

  • Vehicles

If you are brand new to GrowFlow, your account will not be changing as the account was set up after these UI changes were implemented.

Multiple Licenses (More Than One Store)

For organizations with multiple stores, the following tabs will be moved to Organization Settings IF that setting is currently set up to be shared under the current Settings > Organization tab:

  • Brands

  • Strains

  • Suppliers

For organizations with multiple stores that do not currently share, Brands, Strains, and/or Suppliers those tabs will remain on the Inventory page until GrowFlow has enabled sharing that data between stores.

For example, if Brands are shared, they will appear on the Organizations Settings page. But if Strains are not shared, they are going to still appear under Store settings and NOT under Organizations Settings.

For our multiple store clients that are NOT Sharing Brands, Strains, or Suppliers, please reach out to GrowFlow via chat and we will work with you directly. This is because the setting for Shared Data Between Stores is now a GrowFlow-controlled setting and we will need to make any changes from our end.

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