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Retail: Metrc - Reconcile Tool
Retail: Metrc - Reconcile Tool
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With the Reconcile tool, you will be able to adjust the quantity of multiple packages at once. This will also update the quantity in Metrc when a package quantity is adjusted, meaning any adjustments made in GrowFlow will automatically update in Metrc to the correct amount as well!

Here are the steps to using the Reconcile tool to adjust multiple packages in GrowFlow and Metrc simultaneously.

1. Navigate to your Inventory page.

2. Select the Reconcile tab.

3. The Current Qty column shows the quantity in GrowFlow and the Current Metrc Qty shows the quantity in Metrc.

4. The Qty On Hand field is where you will enter the correct quantity you have after auditing your packages

5. After entering in the correct quantities for the packages you want to adjust, click the Reconcile X Packages button to bring up the Reconcile Tool

6. In the Reconcile Tool you will see the packages you entered values into the Qty On Hand field. It will also show the Current Qty, the Metrc Adjustment that will take place, the GrowFlow Adjustment that will take place, as well as the Qty After the adjustment takes place.

7. Select the Adjustment Reason for your adjustment.

8. Enter any Adjustment Notes. Be as detailed as possible here to help with traceability and package history.

9. After you have entered and reviewed all your information, click the Complete Reconciliation button to confirm these adjustments.

10. Upon completion, a success dialog will appear with the message Adjusted X Packages! You will also see that the quantities under Current Qty have been updated to the new values.

Now you've reconciled your inventory to be correct. Nice work! 🌟

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