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Retail: Oklahoma - Dispose of Untagged Inventory
Retail: Oklahoma - Dispose of Untagged Inventory

Here we outline the disposal process for any Untagged inventory that you will still have after Aug 24th

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OMMA is requiring all Oklahoma dispensaries to sell or dispose of inventory without a Metrc tag by August 24th, 2022. In the event your dispensary has inventory that you are unable to sell by that date, you must dispose of it. In order to do that, you must transfer the inventory to a disposal service.

In GrowFlow, you are able to create an outbound transfer to “Other” or “Delivery Service” for untagged MJ products. Only untagged inventory can be transferred out of your location this way.


  • You must have a Supplier that has a Type of "Other" or "Delivery Service". These are the only Suppliers that will be listed when creating the outbound transfers.

Creating the Outgoing Transfer

1. Navigate to Inventory.

2. Click on the Transfers page.

3. Create a new transfer by clicking the green plus (+) in the top-right corner.

4. Select Outgoing for the Transfer Type and toggle on the Transfer Contains MJ switch.

5. Select the appropriate Supplier. Only Suppliers that have Type “Other” or “Delivery Service” will be displayed.

If necessary, create a new Supplier with Type “Other” or “Delivery Service”.

6. Select the packages you would like to transfer from the Outgoing Packages drop-down menu. Only packages that do NOT have Metrc tags will be displayed.

7. After adding all of the packages you want to transfer, click Save & Continue.

7. Review the transfer details. If everything looks correct, click Mark In Transit to move the transfer to the "In Transit" status. This will put the packages that are contained on the transfer "On Hold" in your GrowFlow inventory. Once the packages are physically removed from your store, click Complete Transfer on the transfer details page to finalize it and fully remove the packages from your GrowFlow inventory.


If I create an outbound transfer on or before August 24, and change it to “In Transit”, can I complete the transfer on the 25th or later?

Yes, but it must be created and moved to “Pending” or “In Transit” by end of the day on August 24th.

If I create an outbound transfer on or before August 24th, and change it to “Pending”, can I move it to “In Transit” or “Complete” on the 25th or later?

It can be changed to “In Transit” on the 25th or later. However, you will not be able to edit the transfer details. You will not be able to change the dates of the transfer. You will ONLY have the option to move it to In Transit and then to Complete.

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