Updated 07/13/2022

To get started, let's head to the Grow Overview of your GrowFlow account.

Harvesting Plants

From the Grow Overview page, locate the Flower column. To advance Flowering plants to the Drying stage, click the small green ​arrow to the right of the strain name. The green arrow will appear once you hover over the select strain name.

  • Note: All harvests must be strain-specific

In the Harvest - Enter Wet Weights window:

1. All plants are selected by default. If this is a partial harvest, be sure to select only the plants you are harvesting. If you are harvesting all plants, no further action is needed.

2. Enter the total wet weight of the Harvest. This will equally divide the total weight and automatically apply the individual weights per plant.

3. Enter the total waste of the Harvest. This will equally divide the total waste weight and automatically apply the individual weights per plant.

4. Enter the wet weight of any Other Material collected. This will create an Inventory Item of Bulk Other Material.

5. Optional: Enter a Harvest Batch Name. If not applied, this will be set to the strain name + unique identifier.

6. Select a Drying room if the default room is not preferred.

7. If manicuring, check this box. This will leave all plants in the Flowering stage to continue growing.

8. Finish by clicking "Harvest 'x' Plants".

The Harvest window will close, and the Package Harvest Batch window will open. If you're ready, you can use this screen to enter Fresh Harvest Material, aka Wet Flower, straight into your inventory for extractions or transfers. If the material remains drying or curing, you can close this window and move on to your next task.

Package Harvest Batches & Create Bulk Inventory

Access the Package Harvest Batch window to enter your Dry Package Weights by clicking on any Strain Name in the Drying column on the Grow Overview.

1. If you would like to immediately package Wet Flower, click New Package > Wet Flower to populate a line item. Then continue following the next steps.

2. Enter the Dry Weight of each Flower or Other Plant Material package in the Quantity column.

  • Note: Select a different product in the Product drop-down or create a new product by clicking "Create New Template".

3. In the Waste Weight field, enter any Waste collected from the Harvest.

4. Click "New Package" to add another Flower, Other Plant Material, or Wet Flower line item.

5. Important! To keep the Harvest open, click "Collect Additional". This will ensure that you can enter further Dry Weights for this Harvest.

6. Finish by clicking "Create".

The Harvest Batch Window will immediately refresh, then you will see the Dried Packages populating the Inventory tab.

You will also see the remaining figures have all been updated to reflect the weight we just deducted from this harvest batch.

Well done!


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