Updated as of 08/07/2022

Doing a little gardening to make some clones? Here is how you can input those into GrowFlow!

1. In the Grow Overview, click the “+New” button at the top of the column titled “Clones, Seeds”.

2. Select “Clone”

3. Find a “Vegging” plant to create clones from.

  • Find the strain that you’re creating clones out of, and input the number of clones being created in the ‘#New’ field.

  • You can also add quantity by clicking the “Add” button.

Pro-tip! To create clones from a plant that is no longer in vegging, pick any plant from the list and use the option “Choose New Strain” to assign the clones, correcting the strain. Begin typing the name of the strain, and select it from the drop-down when it appears. If the strain is unavailable, you might need to add it to your account via Admin > Strains.

4. Select a Room to store the Clones in

  • To add a new room, you can do so in Admin > Rooms in GrowFlow, just remember to designate the room as a “Plant” room rather than an “Inventory” room.

5. Click “Create New Clones” once everything looks good, and voila, you’ve done it!

As a heads up, if you create more clones than you need, no worries! To remove any extra clones, find your new clones on the Inventory Overview on the Plants tab and use Edit > Adjust to correct the quantity.


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