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Retail: How to Use Bulk Edit
Retail: How to Use Bulk Edit

Learn how to use the bulk editing features in GrowFlow

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Bulk Edit allows you to select multiple items and edit them at the same time, by applying the same change to each item, rather than editing each one individually.

For example, if you want to change the price of 10 products to $10 each, you can select all ten 10 products, change the price to $10, and save your change.

Bulk Editable Components

The following components of the product support bulk edit:


Editable Items


  • Delete Customers


  • Product Name

  • Product Category

  • Supplier

  • Brand

  • Tags

  • Not Discountable

  • Unit Weight

  • Net Weight

  • Strain

  • Is Sample

  • Price

  • Medical Price

  • Menu Name

  • Menu Description

  • Menu Image


  • Product

  • Cost Per Unit

  • Supplier

  • Harvested

  • Manufactured

  • Expires

  • Batch ID

  • Test Results (all fields)

  • Change Storage Location

  • Place on Hold/Unhold

How do you use it?


  • All Organizational Admins and Admins can use Bulk Edit.

  • All users with permission to edit customers, products, or packages will be able to bulk edit the specific areas they have access to.

  • If a user doesn’t have permission to edit, then the bulk edit feature will not be displayed on their account.

Selecting Items

When Bulk Edit is available, a column with checkboxes will be shown on the left side of the items you want to select.

You can select or unselect multiple checkboxes. To check or uncheck all items, select the checkbox in the column header.

Filters can still be used to customize the list of items displayed.

The available actions you can take on the selected items will be displayed in the pane on the right side of the screen. Whenever an action is taken, a confirmation screen will be displayed with details about what is being changed before you finalize your edit. For example:

Bulk Editing Customers

Bulk Editing can be used to delete multiple customers at once. There are no other Customer attributes that can be bulk-edited at this time. Once you select multiple customers by checking the boxes next to their names on your Customers list, you'll see the option to Delete X Customers on the right side of the screen.

Previously deleted customer profiles can be restored. Add a filter on your Customers page for “Is Deleted equals true” and select the customers you want to restore.

Bulk Editing Products

Bulk Editing can be used to edit or delete multiple products at once. Once you select multiple products by checking the boxes next to their names in your Products list, you'll see the options to Edit X Products or Delete X Products.

When Bulk Editing, only put values in the fields you want to change. When you save your edits, the previous values will be overwritten with the new ones. Once a Bulk Edit is saved, it can not be reversed, with the exception of deleting products, which can be restored.

A few things to note:

  • When editing tags using Bulk Edit, all previous tags will be removed and the new ones selected will be added.

  • When editing multiple products with the same Unit of Measure (UoM) you can change the UoM. When editing multiple products that have different Units of Measure (UoM), you can not change the UoM.

  • There isn’t a way to delete all tags from the selected products, as you still need to select at least one tag.

    • As a workaround, you could create a tag called “Delete” which would delete all the other tags for the selected products and replace those with that one.

  • Use a "Is Deleted equals true” filter on the Products page to locate deleted products and restore them.

Bulk Editing Packages

When selecting multiple packages, depending on which packages are selected, there are up to four actions available on the Bulk Edit menu.

  • Edit Packages

  • Change Storage Locations (this action will be available if all the packages selected are in the same storage location).

  • Place Packages on Hold (this action will be available if all the packages selected are not on hold).

  • Release Hold on Packages (this action will be available if all the packages selected are on hold).

The Edit Packages option allows the editing of many attributes of a package.

Make the appropriate changes and press Save. Once a Bulk Edit is saved, it can not be reversed.

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