Once Metrc credentials are added to a GrowFlow Retail account in Oklahoma, GrowFlow will automatically sync transfer manifests once they have been accepted in Metrc. After activating Metrc in GrowFlow Retail, it’s important to log in to Metrc to determine if there are any incoming transfers in your Metrc account.

This article describes the steps to take if ALL of the following criteria are true:

  • You have an incoming transfer in Metrc that you have NOT accepted or rejected in Metrc.

  • You have not yet manually entered that transfer into GrowFlow Retail.

  • You have inventory on hand for this transfer.

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the above statements are false, please reference the appropriate help article for instructions. This article is relevant to Scenario 2 as outlined in the Oklahoma Metrc Activation Instructions.

Accepting transfers in Metrc

Consult the Metrc documentation for details on how to manage transfer manifests in Metrc. To accept a transfer:

  • Login to Metrc.

  • Navigate to the Transfer area on the Navigation toolbar at the top of the page.

  • Select the Incoming Transfers tab.

  • A list of incoming transfer manifests will be displayed. If you have identified a transfer that is not accepted in Metrc and has not been manually entered into GrowFlow Retail, click the Receive button to begin the process of accepting the transfer.

  • Complete the review of the transfer per the Metrc documentation and when ready, select Receive Transfer.

Now that the transfer has been accepted in Metrc, please reference the following help article which describes how to complete an inbound transfer from Metrc in GrowFlow Retail: Retail: Metrc - Inbound and Outbound Transfers

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