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Retail: How to Add the Metrc API Key to your GrowFlow Account
Retail: How to Add the Metrc API Key to your GrowFlow Account

Connecting to the Metrc API

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To connect GrowFlow Retail to Metrc you must enter your Metrc information in GrowFlow Retail. This must be done for each retail license/store in your organization.

We advise this process is completed prior to opening your store for the day.


Before taking the steps outlined in this document, you must have done the following:

  • Submit proof to Metrc of the completion of your training to receive your Metrc login credentials. The link from Metrc is only available for 24 hours once you receive it.

  • Review the Activation Checklist sent to you by email from GrowFlow

Adding your Metrc credentials

To locate your API credentials in Metrc, follow the steps outlined here.

To add your Metrc credentials in GrowFlow Retail:

  • Navigate to Settings > General and scroll down to the Traceability Settings section

  • Enable the Metrc API toggle

  • Copy/paste your Metrc license number into the Metrc License Number field

  • Copy/paste your Metrc API key into the Metrc User API Key field

  • Click Save Settings

  • Click Test Connection

If the test is successful you will see the following message:

Your retail account is now successfully connected to Metrc.

The following error message will be displayed if clicking Test Connection fails. Verify that the Metrc License Number and Metrc User API Key you entered are correct and try again. You should copy and paste these values from your Metrc account — manually entering them is prone to error.

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