Updated 4/20/2022

Each order has its own Pull Sheet that can be printed or exported, but you can also combine all that information into one Combined Pull Sheet to show the totals needed across multiple orders. You can use either type of Pull Sheet as you see fit for your operation. This article is about using the Combined Pull Sheet.

If you'd like to have this feature but can't find it, ask us and we'll turn it on in your account for you.

Print Combined Pull Sheet

This produces a PDF you can print or download.

Skip instead to Export Combined Pull Sheet

A. On the Orders Overview, click on the "List View" in the upper right

B. Use the filters and/or sort on any column to find the orders you want to package. In the image below, we've searched by the "Ready to Pack" stage:

  1. Click on the checkbox next to each order to select it, or click on the checkbox column header to select all

  2. Note that as you select orders, the total price of the order will tally in case you like to package orders based on set totals at a time

    1. The totals will not reflect orders that are already in transit or beyond if you are re-packing those

C. Go to Print/Share > Print Combined Pull Sheets to generate the report version

D. Choose your desired orientation (portrait or landscape) in the popup window, then a preview will display. From the preview, you can send it to the printer or download the PDF.

E. The report groups products by strain, by type + brand + product, broken out by vendor and order number. This lets you see how much needs to be pulled, with further totals by product and size:

Note: For pre-packaged products, the first "PO" number refers to the number of orders involved. So, in the example above at top right, there are 2 orders needing a combined total of 300 units for a total of 300g.

Export Combined Pull Sheet

This option downloads the data into a .csv file that can be further manipulated in Excel or another spreadsheet app. This option is useful if you have additional reporting requirements not currently met with the printed pull sheet.

  1. After selecting any sales orders (same as steps A and B in the section above), go to Print/Share > Export Combined Pull Sheets.

  2. Your file will automatically download or you will be prompted to save the .csv

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