Updated 12/16/2020

First navigate to your list of plants in GrowFlow

To locate a list of all your plants, navigate to your Grow > Plants page.

When you first come to this Plants page, it will default on the Plants tab, with the “View ‘Growing’” Plants filter on, meaning it’s listing only your flowering and vegging plants.

If you wish to obtain a list of all your cured, harvested, or destroyed plants instead, you can use that purple “View” button to show those respective plants.

To add to that, if you wish to compile only a list of specific plants, you can filter your plants list further by using the strain, room, table, and stage filters located towards the top of the screen.

Furthermore, if you plan to audit rooms with Clones or Seedlings, then you can click the “Clones and Seeds” tab instead (which is borrowing that information from your inventory database, since clones and seeds are considered inventory items within traceability). To learn more about how to export a list of your inventory items, please see our help article on Inventory Exports here: https://help.getgrowflow.com/en/articles/4162980-leafdata-export-your-inventory.

Once you have your desired plants loaded and filtered on your Grow > Plants page, you can click the blue “Export” button at the top of your list

This will download a CSV file to your computer, which you can then import into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or any other spreadsheet-viewing application of your choice!

There you have it! Now you can export an audit of your plants using GrowFlow!

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