Updated 12/17/2021

If GrowFlow started registering your manifest to the LCB but then gave you an error message on your screen saying we ran into an error trying to manifest for you, click the blue "LCB Manifest Form" button in the Order details header (in the error message) and skip to step (4).

1. As you would normally do, enter the delivery options after clicking the "Select Delivery Options (Manifest)" button in the order

2. Click the "Confirm" button to generate the manifest pdf in GrowFlow

3. Open a new tab in your browser (please use Chrome) and go to https://lcb.wa.gov/manifest

4. Enter the code that you see in the CAPTCHA box and then select the "Start Manifest" button:

5. Start Filling out the form

a. Select the Transportation Type

b. Enter the Scheduled Transportation Date

c. Copy and past the following information from either the GrowFlow manifest pdf or the indicated location:

  • 9-digit (or 16-digit) UBI Number (copy/paste from the invoice or from your Account Settings page)

  • Origin License Number

  • Origin Trade Name

  • Origin License Address

  • Origin License Phone # (copy/paste from the invoice or from your Account Settings page)

  • Origin License E-mail Address (This is any address for your business where the LCB will send the manifest confirmation containing the LCB Manifest ID and pdf file. Paste the email from your Account Settings page or enter another email account you are instructed to use. Doesn't need to be the email used for logging into the CCRS portal.)

6. Select the "Next Page" button, then copy and paste the following information from either the GrowFlow manifest pdf or the indicated location:

  • Driver name (for Third Party Transporters, paste the name of the transporter company)

  • Departure date and time (select from provided drop downs)

  • Estimated arrival date and time (select from provided drop downs)

  • Vehicle plate number, model, make and color (for Third Party Transporters, enter "Fleet vehicle")

7. Select the "Next Page" button and copy/paste the following Destination information from either the GrowFlow manifest pdf or the indicated location:

  • Destination License Name

  • Destination License Number

  • Destination License Email (use the email address you would normally send the invoice/manifest to)

  • Destination License Phone #

  • Destination License Address

8. For the "Items Shipped" section, the LCB has a preferred format, but they also advised us that the form will take any format as long as it's clear what each line item is. We view that as giving you two options, (a) and (b), described below.

(a) Faster option for step 8:

  • For each page of the GrowFlow manifest, copy the entire list of items including the column headers.

    • Start with your cursor in the top left of the column called " # ", and end in the lower right of either the column "Shipped" or "Received"

  • Paste into the "Shipped Items" box

  • For each line item, add a "yes" or "no" at the end to designate whether the product is medically compliant

(b) LCB's preferred format for step 8:

NOTE: Separate each of the following data for each line on the manifest with a forward slash set off by a space on either side (" / "). Manifest Line Items should be separated with a carriage return.

The format should look like this:

Type / Lot ID / Shipped Quantity / Medical = (Yes/No) / Unit of Measure / Type / Strain / Weight Per Unit, Servings per Unit or Serving Size (use an extra slash if not a retail product) / Description

Here are three examples of a non-medical line item entered into the manifest webform using the above format:

  • Example 1: Flower Lot / WAJ123456.IN101JKL / 2267.96 / No / Grams / Flower Lot / Blue Dream / / Best Flower Lot

  • Example 2: Extract For Inhalation/ GF12345600000017 / 30 / No / Each / Extract For Inhalation / Super Lemon Haze / 1g / Best Ever Vape Cart

  • Example 3: Solid Edible / GF12345600012714 / 10 / No / Each / Solid Edible / / 28g / Lemon Gummies

Note: An extra slash was used above to indicate the data for that variable is not applicable.

9. Select the "Submit" button

10. You will receive an email in the account of the Origin License email address listed in (5.c) above. Print your GrowFlow manifest and write the LCB Manifest ID on the hard copies.

Note: If you don't like to hand write on the manifest, you can print the LCB Manifest pdf and attach it to the GrowFlow manifest, but you should obtain signatures on your GrowFlow manifest and keep that one in your file. That way, your GrowFlow account history of manifest IDs will track with the signed copies.

You have now compliantly reported your manifest to the LCB. At this point, you can return to your GrowFlow screen to proceed with the order.

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