Updated: 07/28/21

Our new product lists feature allows you to easily view, sort, manage and export their product information from the Inventory>Products page. This will allow you to load all of their product data at once without requiring them to click the “Load More” button at the bottom of the screen to load products 25 at a time.

We’re also adding the ability to filter by quantity on the Products page, both with advanced and quick filters.

Finally, this enhancement will allow you to build their desired product list with advanced filters and columns and export a CSV file with those exact specifications.

How to use Product Lists

  1. Click the “Inventory” icon from the left-hand menu. Then, select “Products”.

  2. Selecting the “Products” page will now load all of the products in your inventory, at once, regardless of what is shown on the first page.

    The system saves product results for 10 minutes, allowing you to leave the “Products” page and return without having to reload results.

    You can select how many products they would like displayed on the page, from 25 to 200. They can also easily navigate between pages of products with the “Pagination” tool at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Products can be filtered based on quantity with the “Has Stock” quick filter. The options are:

    • All Stock Types - All products

    • Has Stock - Inventory greater than 0

    • No Stock - There is 0 quantity in inventory with no packages associated.

    • Out of Stock - There is 0 quantity in inventory, but there are one or more packages that remain “unfinished”.

    • Low Stock - Inventory levels are between 1 and 5

    • Negative Stock - Inventory levels are below 0

4. An advanced filter for “Quantity” has also been added. You can choose this filter to see a custom list of their products. (e.g all products with <60 units of inventory).

5. Since product results are saved for 10 minutes at a time, results will not reflect any sales of items during that 10-minute window. However, you can fresh these results at any time by clicking the “Refresh” icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

6. Once desired columns, sorting, and filters are added, lists can be exported by selecting the “Download” icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. All products will export regardless of the page they’re on.

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