This article contains a chronological list of all the retail enhancements that have been released (since January 2021). It includes:

  • The enhancement availability month

  • The title of the enhancement

  • A brief summary of the enhancement

  • A link to the Help Doc article which provides more information about the enhancement (when applicable)

July 2022

Added columns for Discount Name and Type to Sales Items Report

For each item on the Sales Item Report, for any applied discount, the name, type, and amount can be displayed.

Customer Notes enhancements

Customer Notes are now highlighted and more easily added/edited on Customer, Home, and Order screens. The Order screen also shows top-selling products unique to the Customer profile.

June 2022

OMMA Report reflects untagged inventory only

Per OMMA requirements, the OMMA report for June, July, and August 2022 only includes untagged inventory. For Oklahoma only.

Inventory Summary Report for AZ

A repurposed version of the OMMA report is available to Arizona retailers on the Reports tab.

Tax rate assignment moved to Settings > Taxes

Taxes are applied directly to Product Categories within the tax rate's settings. Previously tax rates were applied on the Product Category screen.

Compound Taxes

Define a tax as a Compound Tax which has differing rules. Primarily for California.

Bulk Edit and Package ID

Introduced bulk editing of Customers, Products, and Packages. Changed "SKU" designation to "Package ID" throughout the Retail product.

Out-of-State Medical Patient Support (HI and MI)

Retailers in Hawaii and Michigan can add and sell to out-of-state medical patients by entering their license information. Sales are reported to Metrc.

May 2022

OK Metrc Migration

1. In Oklahoma, through May 26th, the system will allow both Metrc and manual transfer of MJ product.

2. Sales of Metrc tagged inventory will automatically report to Metrc. Does not report untagged sales.

3. MJ Product Categories must include Metrc Type.

4. Metrc API settings enabled.

5. GF-to-GF Wholesale API settings removed for Oklahoma.

Remove Stuck Order / Force Hold Order

Organization Admins and Admins can now remove a stuck order from the Registers page. Orders in any non-completed status can be held. Organization Admins and Admins can also grant other users this permission.

March 2022

Oregon Exit Label Enhancements

In Oregon, the exit label will show "UID" rather than "ID". For Test Results Range, the exit label will show "Test Results".

Metrc & BioTrack Sync Frequency, Status and Control

The Packages, Reconcile, Transfers, and Finish Packages pages will display when the last sync occurred. Manual syncs can also be executed. Syncs will only occur automatically if it's been more than 1 hour since the last sync.

Colorado Automatic Purchase Limits (Metrc)

At the start of an order, GrowFlow will pull the medical customer's purchase limit from Metrc to set purchase limits for the order.

February 2022

Filters for Packages page

Added Batch ID, SKU, and Metrc Tag to Quick Filters in Inventory > Packages.

WCIA Outbound Transfers

Generate WCIA file for outbound transfers.

Tax Setting - Exclude Recreational Customers

Define a tax that won’t be applied to Recreational customers. Important for Montana.

January 2022

New Import Types for WCIA Inbound Transfers

Added support for uploading a WCIA data file or pasting in raw WCIA Data. For Washington only.

Retail System Error Message

When a retail error occurs, you should no longer see a blank white screen. You should see an error message with instructions/information.

Print Manufactured Date and Strain on Exit/Package labels

Added options to add Manufactured Date and Strain in Print settings.

Outgoing Transfer Manifests

For outbound transfers, create single or multiple stop-transfer manifests and manually control the status of the transfer. For non-Metrc connected states only.

Help Doc

Empty Cart Function

On the orders screen, all items can be removed from the cart by clicking the Empty Cart button.

WCIA Schema 1.1 Support for Inbound Transfers

Supports changes to the WCIA schema for inbound transfers. For Washington only.

Quick scanning

Speeds up scanning of products in the shopping cart.

December 2021

GrowFlow API for Wholesale to Retail sync in Montana

Enabled this feature for the state of Washington as part of the transition off of Leaf Data.

Recreational Customer Purchase Limits Montana

Added support for recreational purchase limits in Montana for recreational sales (starting 1/1/22).

QR Code for Test Results in Montana

Ability to print QR code on Package/Exit labels as a direct link to test results. Required in Montana.

Display Inventory Quantity in Cart

In the cart, when a product name is typed into the search box, we now display inventory quantity in addition to SKU and product name.

CCRS Log File Reporting (Leaf Data for Washington Turned OFF)

Added reporting UI for files sent to CCRS. Removed “Leaf Data API” Traceability Setting, Replaced with “CCRS” setting. For Washington only.

Partial Payments Update

We have updated reporting to list partial payment as “Credit”. Added support for choosing the type of payment when the balance is paid.

WCIA Inbound Transfers

Support for the WCIA protocol for inbound transfers. For Washington only.

Group Same Products in Cart

Multiple quantities of the same product are now displayed on a single line in the cart.

New Payment Screen Design/Split Payments

We have updated the Payment/Checkout screen to support new payment methods, including split payments.

November 2021

Strain/Strain Type for CCRS

Strain and Strain Type are now required for MJ Products. When editing or adding a product, or a product template, Strain is now a required field, and one of the three valid strain types must be selected. For Washington only.

Exit Label Option to force print Test Results with a value of zero

New print setting to force printing all test results on exit label, including those with a zero (0) value. Required for Montana compliance.

Scan customer ID on check-in

You can now scan IDs to check in return customers.

Cashless ATM enhancements

Update Register Settings & prohibit cancel order or payment after a request is sent to the terminal.

Receipt printing enhancements

New options to add customer names, budtender names, and Batch ID to receipts.

Product Category CCRS Type Dropdown

Product Categories that contain MJ require the selection of a CCRS Type. A drop-down has been added to the Product Categories' details page that allows you to select a CCRS Type. Washington only.

October 2021

Retail Android App for Chromebooks

For Chromebook users, the GrowFlow Retail app is now available for download from Google Play Store.

Cashless ATM Demo Mode

Enables simulation of a Cashless ATM transaction in demo stores for sales demos, testing, and training.

Buy One Get One (BOGO) and Tiered Discounts

Allow popular discount types such as Buy One Get One Free and percentage discounts based on quantity or amount purchased.

BOGO Discounts Help Doc

Tiered Discounts Help Doc

September 2021

Round-Down Entire Order Amount

This option enables orders to round down automatically to $.00. This is an addition to our existing Round-Up feature. We have added a Rounding Settings section in Settings > General where you can set your rounding rules.

Please note: The Round-Up and Round-Down feature only applies if you are using Inclusive Taxes.

Reconcile tool enhancements

When doing adjustments with Metrc and Biotrack, each adjustment is synced individually, so if there is a sync failure on one adjustment, the others can continue and complete.

Do Not Allow Items to be Discounted Below a Specified Amount

Allows you to set a floor price below which a price can not be discounted. In jurisdictions where MJ products can not be free, this prevents this from happening via discounts.

August 2021

Bulk Finish Tool Enhancement

When selecting “Finish Packages” each package is finished individually so that an error with one package does not impact other packages (due to Metrc limitations).

Discount Rounding Refactoring

We improved the rounding algorithm when discounts are applied. Eliminates situations where a product after discount might end in $.01 rather than $.00

Product Templates

This feature provides the capability to create product templates. The template has pre-populated fields, which greatly speeds up the product creation process.

Help Doc

Product List Enhancements

We added the “Quantity” column to the product lists. This now allows sorting and filtering based on the quantity. It also eliminates the “Load More” action by implementing pagination.

Help Doc

July 2021

Discount Rounding Correction

We corrected the rounding algorithm when discounts are applied.

Weedmaps Integration (menu)

Weedmaps can now expose products from GrowFlow retailers.

Help Doc

Export Sales Report as CSV File

The Sales report was enhanced to support exporting it to a CSV file.

Medical Tax Exempt Fix

Medical customers are now being taxed correctly.

June 2021

Android App Support

Recommended Android devices can now be used with GrowFlow along with the supported peripherals.

Help Doc

Debit Card Payment Support

Allows customers to use their debit cards to pay for their orders via a connected terminal and cashless ATM solution.

March 2021

Periodic Automatic Replenishing (PAR)

This feature allows a retailer to leverage recent sales data to define thresholds for when and how inventory should be reordered, automating the time-consuming and manual process that is most often used.

Help Doc

Bulk Adjustment Tool

We added a bulk inventory reconciliation and adjustment tool. This also includes the capability to bulk finish any packages that have zero quantity.

Help Doc

Alphabetize Store List

We alphabetized the listed stores for easier management.

Purchase Limit Visual Indicator

Visual indicators for all purchase limits were added, making the checkout process easier for budtenders.

Help Doc

QuickBooks Online Integration

Allows our Customers to sync all their transactions from GrowFlow to their QuickBooks Online account. This integration allows you to easily track your sales, products, orders, and invoices in one place and manage your finances.

Help Doc

Add Employee Name to Cash Drop Receipt

Added the employee name to cash drop receipts.

Also added the requirement to enter a PIN for cash drops where multiple budtenders are working with the same register

Remove Purchase Limit Units of Measurement Restrictions from the Product Form

Convert all unit weights UOMs to mg, which allows the product form to accept any unit weight UOM, despite what is selected in the compliance purchase limits settings.

Increase PIN size

Added the capability to configure the size of the PIN to be either 4 or 6 digits.

Remove Search Case Sensitivity

Removed case sensitivity from all searches.

Add Notes to Customer

Added Notes as a column in the customer list as well as the customer search dropdown.

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