To gain access to your account's Metrc Readiness Tool, log in to your account and go to your Settings Menu. At the bottom of the list click on the "Metrc Readiness Tool".

The Metrc Readiness Tool is meant to help guide you through the necessary actions required to complete your Metrc transition. Make sure you have sent in your information and chosen your Metrc Transition date here.

Let's go through each part of the tool to understand more about your to-dos!

Order Tags from Metrc: This first section gives you direction on how to order tags from Metrc and a suggestion on how many you should order. Once your tags are ordered, received, and sent to us, this section will be complete.

MJ Packages at 0 Quantity: All active packages in your account will recieve a package tag when your GrowFlow account is transition to Metrc. That means that you will want to make sure that there are no zero-quantity packages in your account that will waste the use of your tags. Once this section says "You do not have any MJ Packages with 0 Quantity.", this section will be complete.

Inventory Audit: Once your information is transitioned to Metrc it will be tracked by the state and be expected to match exactly between your on-hand quantities and the quantities accounted for in GrowFlow and Metrc. Before your transition date, make sure to do a full physical audit of all of your MJ-containing inventory. Once you have completed your inventory audit at your store, this section will be complete.

"Check all of your MJ product categories using the form below": With this tool, you will be matching your current product categories to the state mandated Metrc categories. We have created a one-to-one list to make this process quick and easy. Simply select the best matching Metrc category for each of your categories listed. Once you have all green checkmarks on this list, this section will be complete.

Nice work, you are ready!

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