To gain access to your account's Metrc Readiness Tool, log in to your account and then go to:

Transition to Metrc Readiness Tool for Wholesale

This tool is meant to be used as a guide to ensure that your information is correct before your Metrc transition date. Make sure you have sent in your information to the team and signed up for your transition date here: Metrc Readiness Form

Let's go through each tab to talk about your to-dos and how the information will be transitioned to Metrc.

Tags: Once you have your tags ordered, received, and sent in to the GrowFlow team, your list of available tags will be available here. Learn more about ordering tags here.

Products: This is a list of the Product Templates that you currently have active in your GrowFlow account. These will be copied into Metrc as Metrc "Items". Remember, Product Templates are not active inventory, they are simply the names applied to inventory in your account. Therefore, you might have Products on this list that you do not currently have in stock but that is expected and will save you time down the road if/when that inventory is replinished. To clean up your Products list, go here.

Strains: Like Products above, this Stains list will be copied from your GrowFlow to Metrc account. These strains may or may not be applied to current plants or inventory but by copying them from GrowFlow to Metrc now they will be ready for your use when the time comes. To clean up your Strains list, go here.

Plant Batches: Here you will find a list of all active immature plant batches in your GrowFlow account. Immature plant batches will contain anything in your Clones/Seeds column and will include both clones and seeds. These will be copied into your Metrc account as Immature Plant Batches. They will not require a Plant Tag. To audit your immature plant batches, go to your Plants page and click on batches.

Plant Rooms: As with Products and Strains above, this room list will be copied from your GrowFlow account to Metrc. To clean up your Rooms, go here.

Plants: This list contains all "mature" plants in your GrowFlow account. "Mature" plants will be plants that are in the Veg or Flower columns on your Grow Overview page. Each one of these plants will be assigned an individual Plant tag. You will want to make sure that you have all of these plants accounted for in your facility before your transition date.

To audit your plants, go to your Plants page. Filter by stage and by room to complete your plant audit by room or, you can choose to filter by strain, if that is more applicable to your Grow setup. Once you have your filters in place you can also Export each list to Excel to be printed.

Inventory: Like Plants, each item on this list will be assigned an individual tag and with inventory they will be Package tags. You will need to audit your inventory before your transition date to ensure that the inventory being copied from GrowFlow to Metrc matches your on-sight inventory exactly.

To audit your Inventory go to your Inventory page and begin by using your filters to organize your audit list(s). Once you have your lists formatted by filters in a way that makes sense to how your physical inventory is stored, you can export these lists to make the audit process easier. You will want to ensure that the strain, product type, and weight/quantity match between what is on hand and what is in your GrowFlow system.

Harvests: You will need to have all of your Harvests finished by your Metrc Transition date. If you have harvests that are still drying, you can package a single, large quantity bulk flower package and then cure and adjust after your Metrc transition.

Orders: All orders must be completed by your Metrc Transition date. That means that your Sales Order page should not contain any orders in any of the columns, including the In Transit column.

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