Updated 03/29/2021

Prior to the update, users needed to add Test Facility Name and License Number separately. With the new update, you now only need to set up your Test Facility details under Suppliers and then you can select your testing facility from the new ‘Lab’ dropdown menu. Let’s get started.

1. Click on “Inventory” on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Then select “Suppliers”.

3. In the top right hand corner, Click the green “+” button.

4.Enter the name of the testing facility.

5. Make sure to select “Lab” from the drop-down for “Type”.

6. Enter the Licence number.

7. Create a new “Transfer” or go to a pending “Transfer” and click “Edit Package Details”.

8. Select the “Lab” drop down menu and select the test facility you need for your order. This license number will display next to the “Test Facility” name.

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