Updated 03/25/2021

With the new “Reconcile” feature, you will be able to adjust the quantity of multiple packages at once. This will also update the traceability quantity when a package quantity is adjusted, meaning any adjustments made in GrowFlow will automatically update in the traceability system.

Using Reconcile to make Bulk Adjustments

1. To adjust the quantity of multiple products at the same time first, go to “Inventory.”

2. Then select the “Reconcile” tab.

3. Please select the items you want to adjust, then enter in the new quantity of those products. As soon as you enter a quantity in the “Qty On Hand” box, a green button will appear at the top right of the screen with the option to “Reconcile packages.”

4. After entering your new quantities, click the “Reconcile Packages” button to open up a reconciliation screen.

5. Select an “Adjustment Reason.”

6. Enter in an “Adjustment Note.” Please try and be as detailed as possible as you will be able to reference these notes for clarification down the line.

7. Then click “Yes” when you have completed.

8. Upon completion, a success dialog will appear with the message “Adjusted all packages!” You will also see that the quantities under “Current Qty” have been updated to the new values. Using the Reconcile for bulk adjustments in GrowFlow will also ensure that those new quantities are updated in your state’s traceability system.

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