Updated 9/16/21

Adding Employees

Hopefully, your operation has employees, and hopefully, you continue to add more employees as your operation grows! With all the money you are saving using GrowFlow, you can afford to grow the team. 

Adding employees to GrowFlow is really easy. Let’s take a look at the process of adding an employee using GrowFlow.

1. Navigate to the Employee Page via Admin > Employee. This is where we will add new employees or remove past employees from the system

2. Click the +Add button in the upper right-hand corner of the Employee table. Clicking this button will add a new line item to the table, with editable fields so you can fill in the employee information.

3. Enter the Employee information. Now we need to add all the information about the new employee. There are fields for:

A. Employee Number: This will be automatically generated when you ‘save’ the employee. You will see it after you refresh the screen

B. Email: This field is required if you want to use the ‘invite’ function on the far right of the table. The invite function will set them up with a user account to work in your GrowFlow account

C. First Name: Employee’s first name

D. Last Name: Employee’s last name

E. Date of Birth: Employee’s birthday! Make sure to follow the XX/XX/XXXX format for the date entry.

F. Date of Hire: When you hired this employee. Make sure to follow the XX/XX/XXXX format for the date entry.

G. Phone Number: Employee’s phone number

H. Vehicle: Employee vehicle. Select a previously entered vehicle if the employee will be making deliveries using a particular assigned vehicle, or their own.

I. Driver's License: Employee's driver's license number, if they will be driving for business purposes

3. Click Save. Once you have entered all the employee information correctly, click the ‘save’ button to add the employee to the system.

Oklahoma! Adding a Transporter Agent License Number

If you are in Oklahoma, you'll want to add a Transporter Agent License Number for the new employee, as well as everything else. To do this you'll want to input that into the last column here!

That’s it! You just added a new employee using GrowFlow!

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