The sync area is a very important area of GrowFlow.

You can get to the Sync page by using the top navigation. Admin >> Sync.

This is where you can force a sync with the state i502 traceability system, as well as sync across your GrowFlow application. This can become especially handy for troubleshooting, or in an organization where you have a multiple users working on GrowFlow simultaneously.

If there is something funky going on, a sync may help to fix it! We wish there was a better way, but at this point this is the only solution that is compatible with the state system.

In the Sync area you can click on just the single area that you're needing to update, which is faster and all you really need to do to set specific things straight (point 2 below). For example here we're just syncing "Batches" to update a harvest:

Let’s look at all the records you can sync in the sync area of GrowFlow.

1. Click the ‘Sync All’ button

This will sync all of the records that you can see below. This is a catch all and will sync all the records with the state i502 traceability and compliance system.

1a. ‘Active Only?’ checkbox

This will cut down the sync time by only syncing records that have changed in the state system – versus syncing everything in the state system.

1b. ‘Sync All Records?’ checkbox

Unlike the ‘Active Only’ option, this will sync all records regardless of when they were last changed. This will take a quite a bit longer, but it will sync all the records since the beginning of time!

2. Sync Individual Record Groups

If you don’t need to sync everything or if you are troubleshooting a specific issue / area of the GrowFlow application, you can also click each of the record areas individually.

This can save a bit of time when you really only need to sync a specific area.

3. Missing Something? Sync

As the description says, if you cannot find a vendor, QA lab or a third party transportation group in the system come over and sync these records by clicking each line item individually.


That’s it! That is how you can make sure all your records are up-to-date in the GrowFlow app.

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