Pricing is handled differently in GrowFlow, and for good reason; we set up GrowFlow to offer grade pricing, also known as 'Brand Pricing'.

There are countless studies showing that in order to sell the most product, you need to sell at different price points, aimed at different buyer personas. 

In wine, the same grapes, with a slightly different blend, can be bottled and sold as $5 a bottle or $50 a bottle and way up, just by adding a different label (brand), and it's implied meaning.

In the same way, by 'grading' your product, you can differentiate your best inventory and demand a higher price, whilst also providing a lower cost option for the price-sensitive buyer. 

But you don't want your lower priced product to devalue the good stuff! 

This is where Grade aka Brand pricing comes in useful and helps boost profits. By creating another 'Brand' of product, you can sell the exact same Flower Lot at different price points. 

To use GrowFlow's Grade, aka Brand pricing, is easy. All you need to do is to sort your 'premium' inventory from the 'value' inventory, then assign a grade to each. Then when creating an order, all your prices are already preset and automated for you. (Of course, you can always override a price, or apply or remove discounts too).

To learn how to use the 'Grade Pricing' feature of GrowFlow, read the help article with the same name.

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