Updated 04/19/2022

GrowFlow's Vendor database helps you manage your customers across the different businesses available to work within the 502 industry. We manage this Vendors list with active licenses that have all been verified on the WA DOR website. See something missing from the list? Reach out to us in chat and we'll be happy to update our database!

This is a general overview of the Vendors tab, highlighting the available options you have to help manage your customers. Let's get started!

Actions Area

  • Use the search bar to locate a specific vendor

  • "Show Only Favorites" will filter the list with any Vendor that was previously favorited

  • "Show Inactive" will filter the list with any inactive Vendors

  • "Filter by License Type" to narrow down the Vendor results per license type

  • Export the displayed list of Vendors

  • Clicking "LCB" will take you to the LCB's Frequently Requested Lists website where you can click on the Cannabis License Applicants link to download their daily export of both approved and pending licensees.

  • Click "WA Gov" to verify any Vendor details in the state's database


  • Vendors: Populated with Retailers, Producers, and Processors

  • Labs: View a list of Labs available to send your materials to for QA testing

  • Drivers: GrowFlow's public library of Drivers associated with Vendors. This list is available when creating "Pick Up" type manifests.

The number listed in the parenthesis of each tab indicates the total number of vendors per tab.

Vendor Line Items

Each vendor appears as its own line item in the table.

  • View vendor details such as their DBA, UBI and License Number, License Type, contact email, and delivery address.

  • You can also view a handful of helpful tips for sales such as the date their last order was placed, the total of pending sales that have not yet been delivered, and the total sales they have placed with you.

  • Click the Favorite ☆ to add a vendor to your list of Favorites.

  • Click "Edit" to edit a Vendor's details.

Edit Vendor Details

A. Editing the information in this section will only overwrite the Vendor's details in your own account. For this purpose, you are not able to edit the Vendor's Name, License Number, or License Type as these are details verified by our team. If these need updating, please contact chat support to let us know and we'll be happy to update!

B. Assign a Sales User, Pricing Group, preferred Payment type, or apply an Internal Note with any special requests which will reach your packaging team through printed pull sheets any time an order is being filled for this vendor. The details assigned in this section will also only apply to you as these are tools controlled by the functionalities in your own account.

  • Click here to continue reading about assigning a Sales User

  • Click here to continue reading about Vendor Pricing Groups

Vendor Details Tabs

  • The Orders tab will display the details of any pending or delivered orders.

    • Clicking "Copy Order" directly from a Vendor's details is a great tool to use, especially when a standing order is involved.

  • The Contacts tab will display any previously entered Contacts associated with this vendor.

    • Click "+Add" to enter and save a Contact.

  • Drivers: Add a Driver associated with this Vendor for "Pick Up" type manifests.

    • Clicking "+Add" in the Drivers tab will open a window to add an External Driver, which will populate in this Vendor's details, as well as in GrowFlow's public Drivers library, previously mentioned in this article.

  • Vehicles: Add a Vehicle to assign to a Driver associated with this Vendor for "Pick Up" type manifests.

    • Clicking "+Add" in the Vehicles tab will open a window to add an External Vehicle and enter its details, which will then be available to select when adding/editing a Driver associated with this Vendor.

  • The Interactions tab allows you to enter any notable interaction with this Vendor.

    • The "Contact" drop-down is populated by the previously mentioned Contacts tab in this Vendor's details.


And there you have it!

Now you can utilize the Vendors tab to keep your customers organized!

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