GrowFlow helps you manage all of the different businesses in the 502 industry via the Vendor section of the GrowFlow app.

This walkthrough is a general overview of the Vendor’s page and all the options you have to help manage vendors. There are more detailed docs for the Vendors area elsewhere in the help docs.

1. Vendor Filter and Actions

Like many of the areas of GrowFlow you can filter your vendors at the top of the page.

1a. Filter by Vendor Type

This allows you to filter the vendors by vendor type.

Of course, you can just search the vendor if you know any part of the name of the vendor you are looking for in the table.

1c. Show Only Favorites

There is the standard filter, which allows you filter Vendors by license type, and the GrowFlow specific filter “Show Only Favorites”.

When you click the favorites filter, GrowFlow will only display the vendors you “favorited”, indicated by the star as an option for each line item in the Vendors table on the far right hand side.

2. Tabs

In GrowFlow we also separate your Retail/Producer/Processor contacts from your QA Lab, Transporters and Drivers contacts.

You can click the tabs at the top of the Vendors table to view any of these groups. There is also a number in parentheses on each tab, indicating the total number of vendors on that table.

3. Vendor Line Items

Each vendor will appear as a line item in the table. We will cover all the options in these line items in another help doc.

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