Updated 5/12/21

Note: If this "Undo" tool won't work for your lot, use the "Adjust" function instead. Search for our help article to learn how to adjust your inventory.

In GrowFlow, the Undo button allows you to un-convert inventory to revert inventory back into its original parent item(s). For example, you could un-covert Usable MJ back into its parent Flower Lot.

There are several places to perform an "un-convert'" action. You can do it from the main inventory screen, or if you’re on a sales order, you can do it from there too.

Watch how to do it from the inventory screen:

Here's the step-by-step:

1. Locate the item you want to un-convert (aka move back into parent inventory)

2. Go to Edit, then click "Undo" from the dropdown

3. Confirm OK to return the quantity back to its parent lot

4. See the available quantity adjusted on the Inventory screen

You can also un-convert from the Pull Sheet! Watch the video to see how:

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