1. Select the plants you would like to move.

Hover on the "Grow" menu and select the "plants" view. Now click the checkboxes in the far right column for the plants you wish to move, and click the "Move" button. See image below.

Pro-Tip: Use the strain and room filters to narrow your search. Or just scan a bunch of plant tags into the search bar.

2. Select the room you want to move the plants to from the dropdowns.

The dropdown is populated with all of the plant rooms. If you don’t see the room you want to move the items to, try syncing from the Admin>Sync menu, or make sure the room is listed in the Admin section of the app. The rooms are located from the top menu at ‘Admin –> Rooms’.

3. Click the "Move Plants" button.

After selecting the room, click the Move Plants" button and that’s it! The selected plants have now been moved to the room you selected.

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