Updated 3/24/21

After creating new plants, you’ll need to print and attach their barcodes. Sometimes a barcode tag might get destroyed or lost- make sure you replace these so as to avoid penalties from the LCB.

The most common time to print plant barcodes is right after you create new plants.

1. Click to open the detail dialog

On the Grow Screen, you can either click the whole plant room tile, which will open a dialog displaying a table with all the plants in the room, or you can click the strain of a plants within the room, and the dialog will only show plants within that group.

2. Use the filters to quickly find your plants.

By default all the plants will be selected, but you can filter by table or use the search bar at the top of the dialog to search for individual plants or plant groups. You can also sort the plants to find certain plants by clicking any column header name. For example, find the newest plants by clicking on the "Age" or "Birth Date" header.

3. Select all the plants you want to print tags for.

Again, by default they are all selected when the dialog opens. You can deselect all by clicking the blue check mark box in the upper right and corner of the table, and then select only the plants that need plant tags.

4. Click Print.

Once you have made your selection of plants, click the printer icon button to open the print tag dialog.

5. Choose label template and print

Lastly, choose the multi label template, if applicable, as well as your individual label template and click "Print".

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