Updated 01/10/2021

The steps are below.

  1. Click on the strain name of the harvest that should not be there

2. In the "Package Harvest Batch" window, click the "More" caret

3. Click the "Hide" box

4. Close the window after clicking the Hide box, and then refresh your browser

Now that harvest is hidden and won’t bother you anymore!

Note: If you make a mistake and hide the wrong harvest, you can find and unhide it by the following steps:
a. Go to your Plants view

b. Change the View (located under the Filter by Table) to "Harvested"

c. Enter the last 4 characters of the batch ID; if you don't know the batch ID, filter by strain and by room to narrow down your search

d. Find the batch you accidentally hid by clicking the blue Batch IDs (3rd column from the left) until you find it

e. In the window that opens, click on the "More" caret and deselect the "Hide" box to correct your mistake - then find the one you meant to hide and start over!

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