Exit labels are a required part of sales in most medical states. These labels contain product information, as well as disclaimers necessary to inform your clients about the products that they are purchasing.

It is encouraged that you check with your local enforcement authorities to find out what specific information needs to be displayed on these labels. With exit labels enabled, you will be able to print those directly from the Cashier page on order completion.

Exit Label Settings

To locate the exit label settings:

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Select the Print tab.

Formatting the Label

You can begin formatting your exit label from here. Here is a breakdown of all of the various formatting options:

A. Disable Exit Labels. Enable this toggle if you are not required to provide exit labels to your customers. This will remove the exit label prompt from the Cashier screen, and prevent those labels from auto-printing in the iOS and Windows applications.

B. Width

C. Height

D. Top Margin

E. Right Margin

F. Bottom Margin

H. Font Size

I. Top text. Use this text field if you have the required text that needs to appear at the top of your label. NOTE: If you would like to switch the orientation of your label from landscape to portrait, just swap the height and width values in this form.

Label Information Toggles

There are individual toggles for each of the data points that can be included on an exit label. Here is a breakdown of each individual option:

A. Product Name. This field is pulled from the products page of each package on the order.

B. Store Name. This field is pulled from Settings and will put your store’s name on the label.

C. Store License #. Like the store name, this is pulled from Settings and will include your dispensary license number on the exit label.

D. Net Weight. This field is pulled from the individual package and will display the total weight of the product including package weight and MJ weight.

E. MJ Weight. This field is pulled from the individual package page and will display only the Unit Weight (MJ weight) of the product.

F. Order Date. This will include the date that the order was finalized on your exit labels

G. Patient Name. This will pull the patient's name from the order screen to include on your label.

H. Patient License. Like the patient's name, this will pull their medical license number from their customer profile.

I. Origin ID. This will pull the Metrc tag from the package information allowing you to include the state ID of the source package. Only applicable in Metrc states.

J. Package ID. This will pull the GrowFlow-specific package ID from the packages associated with the order.

K. Batch ID. This field will be populated with the associated Batch ID found on the package information screen, allowing you to easily identify the associated harvest the package came from.

L. Harvest Date. This will include the harvest date from when the source flower was culled.

M. Supplier Name. Include this information if you would like to provide the associated package Supplier's name on the exit label.

N. Supplier License #. This will include the state-issued license number for the Supplier on your exit labels.

O. Test Results. Any lab results inputted on the packages page will appear on your label with this setting turned on.

P. Highlight Test Results. Enabling this toggle will cause a border to appear around your test results and bold them on your label.

Q. Total Terpenes Text. Turn this toggle on if you would like to include the terpene notes found on your package information page.

R. Product Category Text. Enable this toggle to include any category-specific notes or disclaimers.

S. Product Text. Enable this toggle to include any product-specific notes found on the product’s details page.

T. Product Price. Enable this toggle to include the product price on your exit labels

U. Package Text. Turn this toggle on to include any package-specific test or notes found on the package notes page.

V. Disclaimer Text. Ensure any legal disclaimers or notes that are required by your state’s enforcement authorities are included here.

Note: Once all selections have been made, or a change conducted, make sure to click the "Save Changes" button.

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