As you know, everything on the farm starts from a clone or a seed (also known as immature plants.) These immature plants will become an Immature Batch which is tracked by the Immature Batch Group Name. Luckily, creating immature plant batches is easy with GrowFlow.

Let’s walk through the steps and get your plants growing!

1. On your Grow Overview screen, click the ‘+New’ button at the top of column 2: "Clones, Seeds”.

2. Use the popup dialog box to create the Immature Batch.

a. Choose to begin your plants as clone or seeds.

b. Choose a new room for the immature batch.

c. Optionally, choose a new strain for the immature batch. You can change the strain of this plant batch from its source plant by typing in a new strain here.

d. Select the number of clones that you would like to populate in each batch. For example, if you have only 96 spaces in your clone tray, a logical clone batch size would be 96.

5. Once you have set your preferences for your immature plant batch, choose the origin plants or seeds for your new clones. You can do this one of the following ways:

  1. If your workflow includes taking clones from established Mother plants, you can find those Mother plants by using the filtering tools seen below; or by typing or scanning the Mother plant ID into the search bar.

  2. If you do not track your clones via established Mother plants, you can simply filter your plants by the strain of clones or seeds you are creating and choose Mother plants at random from the list.

6. Now that you have your Mother plants or seeds selected, choose the number of clones that are coming from each Mother plant.

  • Note: if you have your batch size selected from Step 5 (above) you can use one mother plant to populate all of your clones (if you are not tracking your clones per individual mother plant); simply type in the total number of clones and the system will divide the batches up into the appropriate amount.

7. Once everything looks correct, click the ‘Create’ button.

Nice work! You just created a new crop of immature plants using GrowFlow.

8. On the next screen, you will be able to open the print screen to print your labels.

9. Use the Print dialog box to choose and print the correct labels:

  1. Choose your desired page format.

  2. Select your printer.

  3. Optionally, update your templates if recent changes have been made.

  4. Optionally, match your label to your strain (for specific strain labels).

  5. Confirm that the correct label template is selected.

  6. Print!

Congrats! You are a GrowFlow Master!

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