These are a list of terms that are used throughout Retail Insights. You’ll find these headings in the visuals. You can always refer back to this section if you are unsure about what they mean.


  • The customer’s customized definitions for their product categories

  • These custom categories are mapped to a Category Type

  • If the customer hasn’t mapped a custom Category to a Category Type, it will be mapped to the “Other” Category Type

Category Type:

  • A list of categories based on the standardized types set out by the state cannabis legislation

  • The list of category types will be the same for all customers, regardless of their own customized categories

Gross Sales:

  • This is also often called “Gross Revenue”

  • This is the total revenue in dollar amount generated from sales activity


  • The total amount of products in dollar amount, which was purchased then later returned/refunded


  • The total amount of discounts in the dollar amount that were applied to orders and individual items in an order

Net sales:

  • This is also referred to as “Net Revenue”

  • This is calculated as [ “Gross Sales” - “Returns” - “Discounts”]

Cost of Goods Sold:

  • This is based on the data entered by the customer into GrowFlow Retail and is the total cost of acquisition in dollar amount, raw materials and/or production costs for the products sold

Gross Profit:

  • This is the profit before other fixed cost expenses (e.g. facilities, payroll, utilities, etc)

  • This is calculated as [“Net Sales” - “Cost of Goods Sold”]

Gross Margin:

  • This is the Gross Profit, represented as a percentage of Gross Sales

Pct Discounted Orders:

  • This is the percentage of orders that have a discount applied to that order

Average Order Size:

  • This is the average sales in dollar amount for orders

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