The Inventory section of Insights allows you to examine your inventory data in different ways. Under the Inventory section, you’ll find the Product Intelligence page— this page provides valuable information on the health and profitability of your inventory.

There are three visuals on this page:

  • Category Filter

  • At-a-Glance Inventory Summary

  • Product Inventory Table

Category Filter

On the right-hand side of the page, there is a category filter where you can filter by specific categories or by items that are “Recently Sold Out”.

  • “Recently Sold Out” will display Products that are currently out-of-stock, but had a sale recorded within the last week (7 days).

At-a-Glance Inventory Summary

This visual shows a summary of the number of items that have recently sold out within the last 7 days, the total number of products in the list, and the estimated retail value of all products in stock.

Product Inventory Table

In this visual, the table has 9 columns:

  1. Category
    This is the Category associated with the Product.

  2. Product
    This is the product name.

  3. In Stock
    This is the quantity of stock available, represented as the number of items for this product.

  4. Stock Weeks Remaining
    This is the estimated number of weeks of inventory remaining based on the Weekly Velocity estimate.

  5. Last Sold
    This is the date any quantity of this Product was last sold.

  6. # Days Active
    This is the total number of days this Product has had sales activity.

  7. Weekly Velocity
    This is an estimate of the rate, in # of items sold per week, that this Product sells and is used to estimate how long the current stock will last.

  8. Median Price
    This is the median “Net Sales” price the Product was sold at in the last 4 weeks.

  9. Gross Margin
    This is the estimated gross margin for the remaining stock for this Product.

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