Easily fulfill pre-orders using multiple inventory line-items, even when an individual line-item can only partially fulfill the order.

Selecting inventory for your preorder:

1. Select a pre-order to fulfill under “Orders”.

2. Click on “Select Inventory” for the order you want to fulfill on the “Orders” page.

3. A new pop up will appear where you can select the individual inventory line items to fulfill the order.

At the top of the pop-up, it shows:

  • The quantity (# of packages) needed for the pre-order

  • The individual package sizes for the pre-order

  • The total weight needed for the pre-order of all the packages

  • The remaining weight needed to fulfill the pre-order

  • Selected quantity

As you add units from individual line items, to the left of the “Units to Fill” field, it will show the amount reserved and the amount remaining for that specific inventory item.

You can also select the “All” option on an inventory line item and it will automatically calculate the amount needed to fulfill the pre-order. You’ll see to the right the amount that was removed from the total inventory and the remaining amount of inventory.

At the top, the quantity requested, remaining needed and selected quantity will also update automatically as units are added to fill the pre-order.

Partially Fulfilling the Preorder:

On the right-hand side of the pop-up, you’ll see a yellow box when the pre-order is partially filled that says “There is still some remaining amount requested. Check this box if you want us to clear it out.

If you check this box, the order will only be partially filled with the amount you selected and the excess pre-order amount will be deleted.

4. Once the pre-order amount has been reached, the “Remaining Needed” will show 0g and a small green checkmark will appear beside the 0g.

On the right-hand side of the pop-up, you’ll see a box showing “Create (2) Line-Items”, which will create two new line items for that order.

Note: the amount shown in the "Create (x) Line-Items" is dependent on how many inventory items you have chosen to fulfill your order item. This means that each child item from each parent item will automatically keep attached QA results and have an individual ID.

Once you hit the “Create (2) Line-Items” button, you will see the two new inventory line items on the “Orders” page. When all of your items have been fulfilled, click the "Mark Order as 'Ready to Pack' to move your order to the next stage.

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