In this article, we will go over the basic steps for performing adjustments in both Metrc, and GrowFlow to correct package count discrepancies. Please note that this article does not address the investigation of those packages to determine why the count is off, but simply the correct steps to reconciling the data for reporting.

In GrowFlow:

  1. In GrowFLow, navigate to the packages tab.

  2. Ensure that you change the search parameters to “Metrc ID”

3. Search for the package that needs adjustment using the METRECID.

4. Once the package is located, select it and click the action icon located in the details tab.

5. From the action menu, choose “Adjust Package”

6. Ensure that “Report to State” is turned off, and the actual quantity is set to 0 (zero)

7. Infil an adjustment reason, along with a description of why the adjustment was made

8. Once the adjustment is complete, select the package from the adjustment list, and click “Finish” on the details page to close it out

9. If there is any quantity left in METRC, you will receive a METRC flag and choose the option: “close anyways without reporting”


  1. Ensure you are on the correct license before performing the following steps

  2. Input the METRC tag number for the product that was closed in GrowFlow, then press return (“enter: might be a better term here)


3. Select the product from the list and ensure it matches the product name in GrowFlow.

4. Click Adjust

5. Set the actual quantity field to 0 (zero)

6. Input a reason for the adjustment in this window ensuring it matches the choices and memo that was used in GrowFlow.

7. Click the “Today” button to in-fill the correct date that the adjustment was made

8. Check the “Finish” box and input the correct date of the adjustment there as well

9. Finish the adjustment by selecting the “Adjust Packages” button

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