So you just bought or produced some seeds/clones, and you're wondering how the heck to enter them into your GrowFlow system. Never fear! This guide is here! show you how. Just pick your scenario and follow the steps.

Hold up! First thing's first - if you have all-new strains, add them to your strains list by going to Admin >> Strains. Then click the "+New Strain" button to add.

As well, you may need to create a new product or products to attach to your new clones/seeds. Follow the steps outlined in this article to do just that: Create Product Templates

Now that you've added your new strain(s) and product(s), let's pick a scenario.

Scenario 1: You're taking clones/seeds from Mother plants already in your system.

-Simply follow the steps in this help article: Create New Clones / Seeds From Plants Already In Your GrowFlow System
If you are unsure what a Mother even is, check out this helpful article: Making Mother Plants

Scenario 2: You're collecting seeds from harvested plant material.

-Let's say you've harvested a batch of plants, they've been dried and cured, and you're in the midst of trimming when you find...seeds! If you intend to keep the seeds for later use, you can package them using the 'Package' tool on the Inventory > Overview page. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory >> Overview

  2. Click the 'Package' button.

  3. In the Package Inventory window, select 'Pre-packaged items'.

  4. In the drop down menu for "What are we making?", select 'Plants - Seeds - Seeds (each)'.

  5. In the drop down menu for "What kind of Seeds?", select the matching Seeds product. Note: If you do not see your Seeds product here, you will need to create one following the steps in this article - Create Product Templates

  6. Once you've selected the product, enter the number of units in the "How many units?" field.

  7. Use the search field or the filters to find the flower batch from which the seeds were obtained.

  8. Select the batch of flower, then enter the number of units from Step 6 in the 'Amount to use' field.

  9. Make sure 'Total raw materials needed' matches up with 'Total raw materials selected.

  10. Select a room, if applicable. Note: your new seeds will go into the 'Seed Bank' in the Clones, Seeds column in GrowFlow.

  11. Click 'Preview Convert'.

  12. If everything looks good, click 'Confirm'.

Voila! You have now just created seed inventory from a batch of harvested flower.

Scenario 3: You've purchased clones/seeds from a licensed grower who also uses GrowFlow.

-For this scenario, you'll import those clones/seeds via an Inbound Order. Check out this article to learn more: Inbound Transfers

Scenario 4: You've purchased clones/seeds from a licensed grower who does not use GrowFlow.

-This is similar to Scenario 3, but since the grower is an external source (outside of GrowFlow), you'll use an External Inbound Order. This article and video will show you how:

Importing Inventory from a Licensed Source who is not on GrowFlow

Scenario 5: You've purchased clones/seeds from a non-licensed source, such as online or from a trade show.

-If you happen to acquire seeds or clones this way, then using the "Import Packages" tool is your best bet. Please Note: Clones/seeds will be imported as inventory items, not plant items. Before they are moved over to the Veg column, you will not be able to move them into Plant rooms, only Inventory rooms. Watch this video to learn how to import those clones/seeds into your account:

Video: Importing Seeds, Clones, or Plants from a Non-License Holder

Great job! You are a GrowFlow MASTER!

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