The printing needs of most cannabis operators center around easy, consistent printing and controlling costs by avoiding misprints. If this describes you, please check out this video to see a quick and easy way to get your printing up to speed.

Note: If you are printing more than 500 labels per day consistently, we recommend setting up a PrintNode account.

Printing from GrowFlow - Step-by-Step

There are several places in the Wholesale app from which you can print. In each place, the signifying symbol to printing ability is a small, square printer in purple:

To print:

1. Click printer icon

a. If you are printing labels for multiple items, click on the very top printer icon.

b. If you want to print a label for a single UID, click only the printer icon on that line item

2. Once selected, your printer options box will popup:

a. Select the page format for your labels.

i. If you are printing labels in a single format (one at a time) keep the default "Single Label per Page"

ii. If you are printing labels on a sheet (such as an Avery label), select your multi- label template from the drop-down (these are formatted under your Admin menu- Read more here)

b. On the "Select your Printer" box, leave this to "View as PDF" as you will select your printer from your computer dialog in the next step

c. If you would like to update the label used in this printing sequence, you can do so by selecting it from the drop-down menu under "Update All Label Templates". GrowFlow automatically sets the label that is either default in the system or set as the default on your Product templates

d. Once your specifics are set, click the "Print" button

3. Your print preview will popup; check the preview for any issues with formatting or populating information. Once satisfied with the preview, click the printer icon in the top, right-hand side of the screen

4. On the next screen, the printers attached to your computer will populate under the "Destination" dropdown menu. Select your printer and click "Print"

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