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Metrc: Seeds to Cultivation to Retail

The creation, transferring, and consumer selling of seeds using the Cultivation > Wholesale Distribution > Retail workflow

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Updated 04/08/2020

In this article, we will review how to accurately create, transfer, and sell seeds from your Cultivation account to your Distribution account and then finally how to your Retail account. While it is not necessary to do so, we will include the instructions to complete a full transfer of the seeds to a Distribution account and then to the Retailer. 

In this example, we will use 99 seeds that are created from a live plant in the account. Keep in mind that you may create seeds differently but should follow the same basic workflow. 

In Cultivation

1. On your Grow page, create 99 seeds from an existing plant via column 2

2. Choose the Plant RFID tag that your seeds will be tracked under as a plant batch

3. Next, go to your Orders page

4. Create a new Order and select your Distribution license 

5. Filter your page by Seeds, your Seeds (Plant batch) can then be added to the order (use all 99)

6. During the order fulfillment phase, the Seeds (plant batch) are converted to a Seeds Each product, is tracked under a Package UID

7. Finish the order and transfer your Package of 99 Seeds (each) to your Distribution account

In Distribution

1. In your Distribution Metrc account, accept the transfer of 99 Seeds (each)

2. Head over to your GrowFlow account and sync in the package

3. In your Distribution account, Seeds (each) will remain tracked as a Package (with a package tag)

4. To send to Retail, go to your Order page and create a new order

5. Select your Retail account and begin your order

6. In this example, we will add 80 of the 99 seeds to the order

7. During the order fulfillment phase, the Seeds (Package) is repackaged with 80 of the 99 available seeds under a new Package UID, leaving the remaining package of seeds with 19 units.

8. The 80 Seeds (each) package is transferred to the Retail store and shows as the quantity of 80 on the Manifest

GrowFlow Retail

This section is only applicable if the Retailer also uses GrowFlow.

1. In your Retail Metrc account, receive your transfer 

2. Head over to your GrowFlow account and create your transfer coming in

3. If your Retail location has Seeds Products set as a multi-packs, while receiving the transfer, you will map the 80 seeds to the 10-pack seed product and make sure to enter the new quantity of 8, not 80!

4. For every single 10-pack of seeds the retailer sells (as a unit of 1), GrowFlow will automatically report 10 units of seeds that were sold.


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