a. Plants Age by Strain - by Week and by Room

This report shows a combination of clones and vegging plants, grouped by age and strain (above) and room (below). This report quickly shows you how many plants you have that are available to be put into Flower next, and also shows you if you need to make new clones.

b. Weeks in Flower - by Strain and by Room

These reports will show you how long your plants have been in Flower to help you plan for your next harvest. The top report shows you the weeks in flower by strain name and the report below shows you weeks in flower by room name.

c. License Filter:

Using this filter you will be able to compare all or some of the licenses connected to your account. Use the License Filter to show only your desired licenses or leave blank to show all licenses. 

d. Rooms Filter:

Similar to the License Filter (above) the Rooms Filter allows you to filter by room name across all selected licenses. 

e. Harvest Yield:

This is a quick look to see total wet weight of harvests, and if there are any weird variations in plant averages. Many growers will want to know how a room performed and this chart will help them compare harvest yields more easily.

f. Strain Type:

This visual gives you a quick read on how much dry material you have of each Strain Type. 

g. Dry Weight Yields:

This report is shown by Strain and shows you your yields by percentage of your wet weights. Hover over each strain to see more details. 

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