Updated: 12/31/2020

To allow the integration of a third-party menu/posting company, a GrowFlow support representative must turn that functionality on for you in your account. Reach out to our team on the chat bubble for more information! 

Interested in getting in touch with Dutchie? Scroll to the bottom of this article for Dutchie team contacts. 

Once you have allowed the feature in the account, you will need to refresh the page to trigger the addition of the “Menus” setting on the “Settings” page.

Creating a new menu

  1. Navigate to "Settings".

  2. Click on "Menus".

  3. Click the green "+" sign in the top-right corner of the page to create a new menu.

In the pop-up dialog box:

  1. Enter a name for your menu (e.g. "Dutchie Menu"). The name of your menu is for your internal organization; the visible "name" on your Dutchie menu will be configured directly within Dutchie.

  2. Choose "Dutchie" as the Menu Type.

  3. If you would like customers to be able to place pre-orders directly from your Dutchie menu, flip on the "Pre-orders" switch.

  4. If you would like pre-orders that are created from your Dutchie menu to bypass the "New / Accept" column and go straight to the "Unfulfilled" column on the Pre-Orders page, flip on the "Auto-accept new pre-orders" switch.

NOTE: Keep the "Published" switch off until you are ready to make your menu live!

Adding menu groups

Next, begin designing your menu by adding Menu Groups. Menu Groups use filters to link your GrowFlow product templates to Menu Group types.

  1. Enter a "Group Name". This is the overall category of the menu items such as "Pre-Rolls" or "Edibles".

  2. "Display Product As" is a setting that will name your products based on the custom attributes you select to be taken from your GrowFlow product template. Here, I have chosen the naming convention of “Product Name”.

  3. "Filters" are what will set your products to be visible in the store. You will filter your current inventory based on custom attributes. On the Pre-Roll menu category above, I have chosen to have only products from the brand “Green Meadows Farms".

  4. Add more Menu Groups by clicking on the “Add Menu Group” button on the bottom, left-hand corner.

  5. When you are done building your Menu Groups, click "Preview" to view your work.


Note: Only products with active inventory will show on your menu preview.


Once you are done adding and configuring your Menu Groups, you will move to link your menu to your Dutchie account and publish it.

To publish your menu:

  1. Click the "Generate API Key" button. An alphanumerical API key will be generated in the "Access Key" field. Send this API key to your Dutchie account manager. If you do not know who your account manager is or do not have one yet, reach out to GrowFlow or Dutchie support for more information.

  2. Flip on the “Published” switch. You will have to have your menu published in order for the Dutchie team to finish the configuration.

  3. Scroll down and click "Save & Close".

Contact the Dutchie Team 

Support: Reach out to the support team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom, right-hand corner of the Dutchie website at https://dutchie.com/home, or by adding the email [email protected] to your Intercom ticket.

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