Updated 4/2/2022

Each user can customize which columns of information they want to see when they go to the Inventory Overview screen or before running an export of inventory.

  1. Click on the arrowhead at the far right just above the list of items, next to the "Move" button

2. Scroll down to see all the boxes. Select (or deselect) any of the columns of information that can be shown. Here is a list of what's available while you scroll:

Note: "ID" and "Type" cannot be deselected

3. After selecting or deselecting what you want to see, click the blue "Apply" button

You can still click on the item's ID in the Overview screen (second column from the left) to see additional details, parent and child IDs, orders that included that item, reservations on the item, changes made to the item, and any messages your colleagues have saved about it!

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